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COVID-19 Office Closure

Due to the COVID-19 health concern, we are taking measures to ensure the safety of both our patients and staff. We have decided to close our office for non-urgent visits until further notice.

Starting March 20, if you have an urgent concern regarding your vision, eye health, glasses or contact lenses, please contact Dr. Sara Kirby at 778-789-1943 and she will assist you or direct your concerns. Please also call her if you need eye drops, or to order contact lenses. We are able to mail your contact lenses directly to you, and in most cases can deliver eye drops.

If you have an eye emergency and cannot reach Dr. Kirby, we recommend going to Surrey Memorial Emergency Room, as they have an ophthalmologist on call. If you had an appointment booked, we will call to reschedule once the situation has stabilized. Thank you for your understanding.